Recognize sign Mental Illness 11

Student Take-Home Resources
Recognizing the Signs of Mental Illness and
Reducing Mental Health Stigma
Grade 11

 Key Takeaways:

  1. We all experience negative feelings sometimes. When they last for weeks, when you have several symptoms of a mental illness, or when your feelings seem intense, it’s time to talk to a trusted adult.
  2. You can help friends and family members with a mental illness.
  3. You can help to reduce the stigma of mental illness. 


  1. Mental health - Mental health is the term we use to describe how our emotions and thoughts affect the way we handle stress, relate to other people, and make the decisions we do.
  2. Mental illness - People with a mental illness may have thoughts, feelings, and actions that are different than other people of the same age. When connected to a mental illness, feelings last much longer and are more intense than other people’s typical feelings about stress.
  3. Stigma - Stigmas are negative stereotypes. They are often communicated by how we treat or talk about people with a mental illness.

If you have a FRIEND who you think is showing symptoms of mental illness, it’s time to HELP.

Help as soon as you can.

Empathize with others.

Listen without trying to fix it.

Plan your next steps.

If YOU are experiencing symptoms of mental illness for a long time and they’re keeping you from being able to do what you need or want to do, it’s time for you to ACT.

Apply coping strategies.

Consider your options for help.

Talk to a person you trust.