Shim, Nicole


Nicole Shim
Pre-AICE English Language 
English I
I teach ninth grade English and Pre-AICE English Language. 

English I is a grade level and required course for all students. This course will continue to build upon and develop reading and writing skills. Throughout the course we will read an array of texts across genres. Writing will include various types and techniques.

Pre-AICE English Language is an advanced course that will build upon and develop deeper analytical reading and writing skills. Throughout the course, students will develop a strong foundation in language skills in order to move on to more advanced AICE courses.   “With the many diverse electronic platforms available this year, we feel it is imperative to clarify a few issues.  Please note that Google Classroom is for students only. Google Classroom is an assignment management platform for posting, submitting, and grading of assignments.  Parents can keep informed of assignments via Google Classroom Guardian Summaries and should NOT join the class through the code. If interested in receiving Guardian Summaries, please email me. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in your child's performance.“