Child Trafficking Prevention 12

Student Take-Home Resources
Child Trafficking Prevention
Grade 12

Key Takeaways:

  1. Child trafficking is secretive but has identifiable signs.
  2. Child trafficking is not limited to young children.
  3. Child trafficking is lucrative and people who exploit children will go to any lengths to continue doing so.
  4. The internet is a source of trafficking and abuse.
  5. Substance abuse puts you at a higher risk for being exploited.


  1. Child trafficking – when adults illegally overtake a child’s or teen’s life and force them to move, work, or perform sexual acts.
  2. Abuse – cruel and violent acts that hurt someone’s mind and body
  3. Grooming – the intentional process of preparing someone to be abused or trafficked
  4. Coercion – manipulation that leads to abuse or having someone do something against their will

If you have a FRIEND who you think is showing warning signs of child trafficking or drug abuse, it’s time to HELP.

Help as soon as you can.

Empathize with the person.

Listen without trying to fix it.

Plan your next steps with a trusted adult.

If YOU are feeling trapped in a dangerous situation or are abusing drugs, it’s time for you to ACT.

Apply coping strategies.

Consider your options for help.

Talk to a person you trust.