Community Service Information

Click here for the 2019-2020 Community Service Log.

What are the Community Service Guidelines for the School District of Palm Beach County?

The following guidelines must be followed to participate in activities that are considered acceptable for community service:

  • Community service is defined as non-paid volunteer work with a non-profit agency.
  • Students may begin accumulating service hours as early as the summer prior to entry of the 9th grade year.
  • Service should benefit the community at large. Working solely for an individual will not be acceptable.
  • Hours must be documented in writing, either on a common community service log (generated by the School) or on letterhead from the organization being served.
  • Students who do not have access to community service opportunities must be provided opportunities on the school campus. It is the student’s responsibility to alert the School
  • Counseling Department that he/she is in need of school access to community service
  • Time spent organizing and collecting canned goods, clothing, or book drives for a community in need does qualify as community service.
  • Service on behalf of a candidate for public office is acceptable.

The following are examples that would not count as community service:

  • Rehearsal time for participation in a fine arts or performing arts program.
  • Practice time for sports and band.
  • Club meetings to organize community service activities.
  • Donating canned goods or items to gain community service hours.
  • Parents cannot sign to verify their child’s participation in a community service activity 

I want to volunteer, but where?

  • Check the volunteer file in the guidance.
  • Visit the United Way Website (, Volunteer Match ( or Volunteens (
  • Check with your club sponsor.
  • Check with the activities office at Park Vista.
  • Listen to the announcements. 

What Are The Procedures For Completing And Documenting Community Service Hours?

Complete the attached form to document your volunteer service hours. Forms are also available in the guidance office. Submit completed forms to the guidance office each year. In order to qualify for end of year awards, forms must be submitted by the announced date. Listen to the announcements or stop by guidance.

Why should I perform Community Service?
…to make a difference in your community
…to learn new skills and meet new people
…to learn the importance and value of helping others
…to meet the 20 hour requirement for graduation
…to satisfy the eligibility requirement for the 100% award level of the Bright Futures Scholarship
…to enhance your resume for college applications and scholarships.

Is Community Service Required For Graduation?
Yes- 20 hours of community service are required for graduation but remember it can also help you to be a better candidate for college acceptance and for scholarship selection.

What Is The Community Service Requirement For The Bright Futures Scholarship?
- 75 hours for the Florida Medallion Scholars award level (academic requirements: 3.0 *weighted GPA and 1170 SAT/26 ACT)
- 100 hours for the Florida Academic Scholars award level (academic requirements: 3.5 *weighted GPA and 1290 SAT/29 ACT)

*the weighted GPA is calculated using 16 core academic credits with a .5 weight given for full credit of honors and AP courses